Bring in a Steady Stream of New Visitors to Your Church with Facebook Ads


Tired of the ups and downs of church attendance?


Are you struggling to find a way to get new visitors consistently, and then getting them to actually come back?


Frustrated that you even have to think about marketing your church? Wouldn’t you rather just focus on reaching people?


What about that church that down that street that seems to be thriving while yours still struggles?


What do they know that you don’t?


Are you constantly trying to think of new ways to reach people for Christ, but don’t know where to start?


Hitting your head, trying to get past your current average attendance?

How do I breakthrough that 50, 100, even 1,000 person attendance mark?

What if…


You had a repeatable process that brings in a steady stream of new visitors week in and week out.

What if you didn’t have to constantly worry, “are people going to show up this week?”

What if you could focus on preaching your message instead of marketing your church?


That’s the power of Facebook’s insanely effective advertising platform.

From church plants to megachurches, you have to see the results we’ve been getting:

Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools Said…


In regards this FB teaching that we’re diving into, Brady Shearer said this about our 2nd podcast interview:


“This may be the most important session of the Pro Church podcast that has ever been recorded.”


He also said…


“Facebook is seriously the best ad spend you could ever have.”


This is important because it demonstrates that industry leaders are now recognizing just HOW IMPORTANT it is for churches to run effective Facebook Ad Campaigns.