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Case Studies


Easter Case Study


Church Size: 2000

107,268 impressions

25,386 people invited to church

4.23 frequency

1164 clicks to website

37 cents per click


Total Investment = $433.87


The Result:

They estimated that they had 1500 additional people at their Easter services. The only other advertising they did in addition to Facebook ads was a single print ad in a magazine. A church of 2000 people with an additional 1500 visitors on Easter Sunday.


Since Easter is right around the corner I’m going to walk you through how I did it, and break down some of the numbers for you so you can do it for your church. Ok, let’s dive in.


The church typically runs about 2000 people and they estimated they had an additional 1500 visitors on Easter!


This was a 2 week campaign (15 days to be precise) and we budgeted $30 a day. Our cost per 1000 people reached was $17.09 and our cost per click to the website was only 37 cents.


But the most important number of them all – they saw an additional 1500 visitors to their Easter services!


To put that in perspective if we had run a Direct Mail campaign in that same city, and sent out 25,000 mailers in time for Easter it would have cost $4,595 and that doesn’t even include shipping.


Ridiculous, right?


Facebook Ads: 25,386 people = $433


Direct Mail: 25,000 mailers = $4595


This is not only a better use/stewardship of your money, but it also has trackable ROI.

If you do any type of print advertising (newspaper, magazine ad, direct mail, flyers, yard signs, doorhangers, etc) or even billboards, you have no way to track the response.


You don’t know what your Return On Investment is, you have no idea how many people are even seeing your ads, and you definitely don’t know how many people end up visiting your website as a result.


With Facebook Ads we know that we reached 25,386 people in the community (and by “reached” I mean they saw our ads and were invited to Easter Services) and we had 107,268 impressions.


Impressions is how many times Facebook showed those ads to people. So if 25,386 people saw our invite ads 107,268 times, that means that each person saw our ads a total 4.23 times.


This is important because we don’t want those people to only see our invite ad once, we want them to see it multiple times throughout the course of the 2 week campaign. We want to stay in front of them. We want to get as many “touches” as possible in our target demographic.


McDonald’s has a goal of 50 touches a week. They also have a marketing budget of $988 million. (I Googled it)


They want you to have 50 interactions with their brand every week. A tv commercial, a radio spot, a billboard, a drive by the Golden Arches, or a friend or co-worker walk in with a McDonald’s coffee cup.


It’s the same way with inviting people to church.


If someone gets invited to church once, there is chance they’ll say yes, but if that same person is invited 10 times, there’s a really, really good chance they’re going to say yes.


In anticipation of getting multiple touches, and in order to have a diversified ad set, I created 5 different ad graphics for the campaign. 3 of them had an Empty Tomb/Risen Savior look and feel, 1 of them was just a fun pic of Easter eggs, and 1 of them was an cute picture of a goat and promoted the Easter Petting Zoo that the church was hosting for Easter Sunday.


Interestingly enough the Easter Eggs out-performed all of the other ads by almost 4 to 1. It was hands-down the most clicked on invite.


About a week into the campaign we changed out the bottom 2 performing ads and replaced them with an ad of people smiling (which performed ok) and a cool, inviting photo of worship that started getting a crazy amount of clicks.




The bottom line is this: Facebook Ads are simply the best way to invite people to church, promote your next event, or grow your Sunday morning attendance.


Just to show you one more time how these numbers stack up against Direct Mail, it breaks down like this:



People Reached – 25,386

Impressions – 107,268

Website Clicks (visits) – 1164

Cost Per 1000 People Reached – $17.09

Cost Per Website Click – 37 cents

Total Investment = $433



Mailers Sent – 25,000

Impressions – ??

Website Clicks (visits) – ??

Cost Per 1000 People Reached – $183.80

Cost Per Website Click – ??

Total Investment = $4,595


Shoot me an email chris@creativechurchnetwork.com and let’s set up a time to talk about Facebook Ads for your church this Easter

Christmas Case Study


Church Size: 120

11,237 impressions

8178 people invited to church

1.37 frequency

236 clicks to website

33 cents per click

Total Investment = $78.58


The Result:

11 new families showed up to get their pictures taken with Santa, resulting in 47 new visitors on a single Sunday. A church of 120 people with 47 new visitors on a regular Sunday in December.




Fall Festival Case Study

Church Size: 120

7599 impressions

6031 people invited to church

1.26 frequency

238 post engagements

167 clicks to website

37 cents per click

Total Investment = $61.58


The Result:

Over 500 people showed up to the Fall Festival and they were totally slammed. They had dozens of people give their lives to Christ and reached a ton of people in the community for the first time. A church of 150 with a Fall Festival of 500 people





“International Go Back To Church Sunday” Case Study


Church Size: 6000

205,402 impressions

71,958 people invited to church

2.85 frequency

2076 clicks to website

32 cents per click

Total Investment = $674.46


The Result:

Too big to track. The church is too big accurately count how many visitors they had total but the pastor said that when he got up to preach at their second service it looked like an ocean of people in the sanctuary.

Easter Facebook Ads Strategy


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to run Facebook Ads for Easter so I thought I’d address it and share my exact strategy that I’m running for about 25 churches this year. I’m literally GIVING you the secret sauce:


Facebook video ad. Don’t even mess with anything else. Run a video ad of your pastor or someone who’s natural and friendly on camera just inviting people to church this Sunday, and run it for the rest of March to warm up your audience so you’re not running to cold traffic. Target people within driving distance of your church, then on Monday, April 3rd switch out the video for a new Easter video that invites people to church on Easter Sunday and run that for the 2 weeks leading up to Easter. Don’t talk about anything else – just the highlights of your Easter service (Easter Egg Hunt, Helicopter Candy Drop, Family pics with Easter Bunny, Petting Zoo, free donuts, free coffee, etc) that would make unchurched people want to choose your church.


Ramp up your daily budget and spend as much as you can during those two weeks before Easter, spending the same amount you would typically spend on a mailer (btw – pleeeeeeease don’t do a mailer this year, it’s a waste of money).


Then the day after Easter swap out the video for a new video that invites people back to church and retarget everyone who’s been clicking on your ads for the previous 30 days, to get them back in the door. Then do the exact same thing in May for Mother’s Day (the 2nd largest attended Sunday of the year). Ramp up for the 2 weeks before and then retargeting after 🙂 That’s it. Good luck my friends and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.


Pro Tip: Install the Facebook Retargeting Pixel on your website so that you can retarget everyone who clicks on your ads and visits your website during your big ad spend leading up to Easter.  Then, the day after Easter run a retargeting campaign to all of that traffic that visited your site and get them back in the door the Sunday after Easter. Rinse and repeat for Mother’s Day 🙂  (second largest attended Sunday of the year)